The Spring Hills Home School Support Group Google email Loop is a GREAT resource to help with your daily homeschooling needs!  If you would like to join the email loop, and are already a member, please contact Cheryl!  To Join the SHHS group complete the join tab here

Tom & Kim Mathews, Team Leaders 

Tom and Kim Mathews are members of Spring Hills Baptist Church and began homeschooling their two children in 2001 – both now graduated and are enjoying their college years.  Throughout the years their family utilized a variety of curriculum including ABEKA, Apologia, Bob Jones, Math U See, and K12 as well as a variety of other types.   

You may contact Tom and Kim via email here.


Team Description:
·        Manages both the Membership Roster & SHHS Google group
·        Manages the SHHS Facebook Group page
·        Manages the SHHS Google Calendar
·        Manages the SHHS Website
·        Produces group documentation and event graphic needs
·        Advertises SHHS events in the SHBC communique and on our Google group email loop
·        Manages the Event Procedures