Our Leadership

This Advisory Team will be responsible for overseeing the SHHS vision, purpose, structure, and operation; mentoring Team Leaders; maintaining overall connection and communication with SHBC; maintaining SHHS documents and forms; selecting and approving leaders of all Serve Teams and Advisory Board vacancies; working with Team Leaders in assessing and updating team offerings to meet changing ministry dynamics when needed.

Pastor Brad Pilkington - Pastor Liaison

Pastor Brad Pilkington has served as the Worship Pastor for Spring Hills Baptist Church since April, 1993. He served as an elder from 1993 - 2010. He, his wife Paula, and their son Jack have enjoyed their homeschooling journey K-6 and the “ hybrid” homeschool experience of partnering with Granville Christian Academy for some of Jack’s courses in grades 7-11. Brad counts it a privilege and a joy to help facilitate the Spring Hills Homeschool ministry as the Pastor Liaison. "It is a joy to help homeschool families connect with one another and with resources. It is eternal joy to help them connect with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” - Pastor Brad

You may connect with Pastor Brad here.

Alicia Bellew

Stay tuned for a bio and photo for Alicia.   

Christy Huy

I began homeschooling our son in 2015. We started with Bob Jones curriculum and that seems to work!! It has been a joy having my son home with me watching him grow and learn on a daily basis. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this homeschooling family as we grow and learn together.  We love the different ministries at Spring Hills Baptist Church so being a part of SHHS and the Advisory Team seemed like the perfect fit.  You may contact Christy via email here.

Amy Johnson

I learned of and became intrigued with home education in college. I decided then that if God ever gave me the chance to home school I would try it. God granted us the chance when we welcomed our two children into our family in 2004 and 2006. During those early parenting years, homeschooling families kept intersecting our path. We recognized the practicalities of the lifestyle and the depths of family relationships developed.  

We are excited to be beginning our 8th year using classical education and our 6th in a local Classical Conversations community. What a privilege it is to spend my days with these people, my children!  (I need to remember that sentiment in the harder moments, right?) We have extended time to explore many aspects of God's creation and the people in it. Our family's goal is for all of us to become caring, competent, compelling representatives of Christ. 

I have learned so much from the wisdom of SHHS home educators who have blazed a trail for me as a "newer" home educator. The people of SHHS are tremendous encouragers along our way and I am excited to be a part of the movement. You may contact Amy via email here.

Teri Houghton

a founding member of the SHHS Ministry, has been homeschooling for 26 years. She would describe her home education approach as eclectic, having used just about every kind of curriculum and style out there, with the exception of on-line schools.  Teri encourages that, “homeschooling is the hardest, most wonderful, most frustrating, most rewarding journey you will ever take with your children.  But, with the help and power of Jesus, YOU CAN DO IT!  You and your children WILL live to tell about it!  And one day…FAR in the future…they will come back and thank you.”  You may contact Teri via email here.

Kim Mathews 

a returning member of the SHHS Advisory Team and a member of Spring Hills Baptist Church.  She began homeschooling her two children in 2001 – both now graduated and are enjoying their college years.  Throughout the years their family utilized a variety of curriculum including ABEKA, Apologia, Bob Jones, Math U See, and K12 as well as a variety of other types.  You may contact Kim via email here.