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Spring Hills Homeschool Support Group.

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We extend a very special welcome to the families new to our group and especially to those brand new to home schooling! Our desire is to offer support, friendship, and suggestions during this very exciting time.


There are so many resources available to home school families. The "members only" SHHS Google Group, SHHS Facebook Group Page, as well as the official SHHS Membership Roster will be vital to connect you with some of these resources, recommendations and friends!

Feel free to contact any member of the Advisory Team, under the 'Foundational Teams' tab, for general questions.


Who We Are: We are a ministry of Spring Hills Baptist Church for families who are educating some or all of their children at home (Pre-K through High School). Our families represent many communities, educational styles, and church affiliations. We welcome all families who desire to support each other as we undertake the joyous and challenging task of educating our children at home!


What We Do:

  • Encourage and pray for each other and our children.

  • Offer support, friendships, and assistance to home school families in Licking County and surrounding areas.

  • Share from our experiences, exchange knowledge, and help each other organize events, co-ops, field trips, and other group activities.

  • Provide opportunities for discussion, view, and sale/swap of curriculum materials.

  • Provide opportunities for our children to develop strong, healthy, and Godly friendships.

  • Facilitate an email group list for instant communication and a Facebook page for relational communication.

How Can I Participate? Our group relies on the active, voluntary participation of families with each contributing according to their expertise, talents, and abilities. Our group does not request a fee to become a member. The leaders and coordinators are all volunteers and are not paid positions. (Exception: A co-op class may mutually agree to hire a paid teacher.)

Join Us: If you feel this home school group is for you and you're ready to jump in, please fill out the information forms to the right so we can gather information that will help us get acquainted with you and your family.

Membership Requirements:
You must currently be homeschooling one or more of your children or be interested in doing so in the near future to join this group.  Alumni families are also welcome to be a part of this support group to help mentor and be a resource for actively homeschooling families.   Membership is not granted by the completion of the form.  You will be contacted to finalize your membership.

To become a member of SHHS, follow the instructions below and use the online link.

To join this season, we will be utilizing an online process, including a liability signature page. This is a total online process.  The steps are below for your review.  

Step 1: Complete the Spring Hills Baptist Church (SHBC) 2018-19 Child/Student registration form. 
(see link below)

Step 2: Complete the liability signature portion After submitting the online form above, you will receive an email with instructions as to how to complete the online signature portion.  

Step 3: Complete the SHHS Questionnaire form. - These questions are in a separate online form (see form below).