Our Leadership

This Advisory Team will be responsible for overseeing the SHHS vision, purpose, structure, and operation; mentoring Team Leaders; maintaining overall connection and communication with SHBC; maintaining SHHS documents and forms; selecting and approving leaders of all Serve Teams and Advisory Board vacancies; working with Team Leaders in assessing and updating team offerings to meet changing ministry dynamics when needed.

Pastor Brad Pilkington - Pastor Liaison

Pastor Brad Pilkington has served as the Worship Pastor for Spring Hills Baptist Church since April, 1993. He served as an elder from 1993 - 2010. He, his wife Paula, and their son Jack have enjoyed their homeschooling journey K-6 and the “ hybrid” homeschool experience of partnering with Granville Christian Academy for some of Jack’s courses in grades 7-12. Brad counts it a privilege and a joy to help facilitate the Spring Hills Homeschool ministry as the Pastor Liaison. "It is a joy to help homeschool families connect with one another and with resources. It is eternal joy to help them connect with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” - Pastor Brad

You may connect with Pastor Brad here.

Alicia Bellew

I began homeschooling our two youngest children 5 years ago. It has been a wonderful growing process with some bumps in the road.

I have found homeschooling very rewarding and challenging. Watching your children excel in areas and work through challenging ones is amazing! I have experienced having our older three children in public school and our younger ones being home schooled and the differences are night and day. For me the closeness you experience with your children homeschooling has been a huge blessing. I feel it is the way it was meant to be. You may contact Alicia here.

Darci Miller

Darci has been homeschooling since 2014 and is currently homeschooling 3 of her 4 children. She is passionate about children and their education, about families and their journey of this life, and of walking alongside folks and learning their hearts.

Darci, her husband Mark, and their 4 kids enjoy the outdoors and the freedom homeschooling has allowed for the kids to be kids and enjoy God’s creation.

She’s been involved in children’s ministries for over 15 years in different capacities and is currently the Sparks Director at Spring Hills Baptist Church. Darci loves getting to know the children and their families and having the opportunity to see them and serve them each week.

Darci has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology and worked at Duke Childrens Hospital as a Certified Child Life Specialist prior to starting her family. You may email Darci here.

Pauline Whited

Pauline has two sons. Deven her oldest, has graduated from a public school and is now married. She has been homeschooling Matthew since 2010. She is passionate about special needs children and Spring Hills Celebrate Recovery.

Pauline, her husband Scott, and Matthew, enjoy the outdoors, doing things off the normal beaten path, like guided cave exploring, underground zip-lining, hiking, enjoying friends around a fire pit, and playing card/board games with friends. Pauline finds that homeschooling Matthew is totally different than sending him to public school. Through the opportunity of homeschooling, Pauline believes her relationship with her son is much deeper and closer. Pauline also believes she has grown as a person and as a mother through the experience of homeschooling.

When asked, Pauline describes her career as a home environmental specialist, and she has been doing it since her oldest Deven was born in 1993! You may email Pauline here.