New Member Advocate

New Members - Welcome!

The New Member Advocate monitors when a family requests to join the SHHS group. If the family does not have an SHHS referral then they arrange a face to face meeting. Once the family completes the process to join, a follow-up letter is sent to them with information on where to find resources within the SHHS group to get connected.

New Members!

We extend a very special welcome to the families new to our group and especially to those brand new to home schooling! Our desire is to offer support, friendship, and suggestions during this very exciting time.

How Can Members Participate? Our group relies on the active, voluntary participation of families with each contributing according to their expertise, talents, and abilities. Our group does not request a fee to become a member. The leaders and coordinators are all volunteers and are not paid positions. (Exception: A co-op class may mutually agree to hire a paid teacher.)

Join Us!

If you feel this home school group is for you and you're ready to jump in, please fill out the NEW MEMBER INFORMATION FORM so we can gather information that will help us get acquainted with you and your family.