Community Homeschooling Workshops

Local and Area Homeschool Classes/Events

The Wilds

The Wilds has a wonderful homeschool program with several classes offered.

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My Place To Be

My Place To Be's mission is to help children to navigate the social world. We teach Social Emotional Learning Skills to children in a positive and safe learning environment. It is My Place To Be's mission to help children realize their full potential and grow into healthy caring adults.

Offers homeschool classes, parent support group, after school classes,group speech therapy, special needs co op, teen transition classes many other fun activities through out the year. For further information, check out their website at

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Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo is excited to continue to offer a series of guided adventure programs for home school students. Join us to discover the fascinating lives of animals at the Zoo and around the world. Guided adventure programs may include live animals, bio-facts, hands-on activities, and/or a tour of the Zoo.

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The Works

Experience central Ohio's best destination for hands-on discovery with local history, art, science, and glassblowing.

During the last 20 years, thousands of families, school groups, teachers, and adults have experienced the opportunity to dream big and have fun with hands-on history, art, science and glass at The Works. We invite you to join us. Plan your own discovery today.

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Dawes Arboretum

Home School Investigations

Supplement your science curriculum by joining other home school students in hands-on science study. Home School Investigations introduce students to basic principles of ecology and biology while nurturing an appreciation for and understanding of the natural world.

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