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Volunteer opportunities are listed below, please complete the Volunteer form for more information.



OPEN POSITION(s): 1 Team Leader and 2-3 Team members

Leadership Team Liaisons:

This team is designed to uplift and encourage homeschooling families by providing opportunities for gatherings and time for families to connect with each other.

  • “Dad’s in Action”, giving Dad(s) a chance to share a particular passion/hobby/interest through a planned gathering for other dads to do with their kids
  • “Moms n Muffins”, a casual morning gathering time for moms to connect with each other and receive support and encouragement
  • “Sessions of Sharing”, coordinated workshop events led by our group members or invited guests.

Each event is specifically designed to help homeschooling families connect with other homeschooling families within our group. Events are scheduled throughout the year in accordance with the interests of the group, in a variety of venues, and with many different formats. Past events have included paintball (for dads) coffee in the café (for moms) fire safety seminar (for the whole family), field trips, discussion forums, and classes to learn new skills. These events are also a great opportunity to invite non-group members to tag along and check us out!


Team Members: Carol Kinsey, HSLDA Coordinator

OPEN POSITION(s): 1 Team Leader, 2 Team Members

One person needed to assist in organizing Curriculum Share and Sale

One person needed to oversee the Resource Library

Several Volunteers to participate in the Curriculum Share and Sale.

Leadership Team Liaison: Sara Rausch

Team Description:

  • Plans events such as the Curriculum Share Night.
  • Organizes and coordinates the Curriculum Sale Night.
  • Assists in developing new ways to connect SHHS members with homeschool resources and other helps.
  • Coordinates with the Welcome and Blessing Team to administer the Curriculum Library.
  • Oversees our HSLDA group membership.


Michelle Schuster, Team Leader

Leadership Team Liaison: Sara Rausch

Team Description: Team of 2-4 people coordinates activities for our kids who are in grades K-6. We currently host Science fairs, field trips, a talent show, field days, and varous other get togethers.


DeAnn Nightingale, Team Leader

OPEN POSITION(s): 1-2 Team Members; Moms and/or Dads needed to organize and chaperone actitivies

Leadership Team Liaison: Sara Rausch

This team organizes activities and gatherings for our middle and high school students. Current activities include casual get-togethers, service projects, field trips, game nights and much more. Any interested adults and teens would not necessarily have to commit to an entire year, but may choose to participate during certain projects or events.


New Member Advocate - Julie Scritchfield

Mentoring/Prayer Coordinator - Joyce Misel


Leadership Team Liaison: Sara Rausch

Team Description:

  • Attend SHHS events to welcome families and provide information to those seeking membership in the homeschool group.
  • Provide families meals or meal gift cards that can be given when families have a new child enter their home
  • Provide support to members who are in a crisis due to health issues or death in the family
  • Match up families on directory by kids with the same ages, same interests, same curriculum, grades, or proximity, etc.
  • Organize and support our Intercessory Prayer Warriors.