SHHS Membership Roster

You must be a member of Spring Hills Homeschool Group to view the Membership Roster information.

Members: Please contact the Communication Team Leader here for assistance if help is needed.

Q: If this is on a website, who can see it?

A: The SHHS Membership Roster is private to SHHS members only. You must ‘sign in’ to see it. The roster content is not public on the internet. It is not included in internet web searches. Only members of our group, who sign in with their SHHS designated Google user name/password, will be able to see the roster contents.

Q: When I am finished viewing, how do I sign out?

A: To sign out successfully, open a separate web page and click on your user name at the top right corner and then click sign out. Refresh your web page and you will see a successful sign out as it will ask you to sign in if you are a member.

SHHS Membership Roster 2019- 20 school year