P.E. Park Days

Thank you for your interest in the

SHHS P.E. Park Days.

PE Park Days

P.E. Park Days is an SHHS group event. You must be a member to participate.

WHEN: The 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month for August, September, & October 2018

TIME: 1:30pm

WHO: Pre-K - 8th grade students and at least one parent. High school age students are welcome to help with activities. This is not a drop off event.

RSVP is required to let us know what day you are attending. If you are planning to attend both the 2nd and 4th Tuesday, please complete both forms. When you RSVP you are committing for the 2nd and or 4th Tuesday for August, September & October. This will be for 6 total dates.

The location for the P.E. Park Days will be locally within Newark, Heath, Granville and will vary by date. Those who RSVP and are SHHS members will be emailed the exact location.

The SHHS website doesn't include specific location information so our events involving children are secure.

Questions: Contact our P.E. Park Days event organizer.

Please complete the form(s) below to RSVP.