Our students work hard and what better way to wrap up a school year of projects and lessons than with a way for them to "show-off" their hard work.

This event is open to all homeschool students grades K - 12th.


Did your student create a Lego or Minecraft world based on a time in history?

Did they explore the world of science, discover or even invent?

Did they have a favorite author or book that they read this year?

Did they write a report, poem or a short story?

Did they learn to cook, sew, or even build?

These are a few of the many things students can showcase on May 9th, 6:30-8:30pm in Room 226 (2nd floor) at Spring Hills Baptist Church.

You can create a display board and/or bring your project for others to see. Displays can be by an individual student, as a family, or even a co-op class.

The SHHS Teen Council members will have a snack station set up for donations starting at 5:45pm.

Parents are required to stay with their children during this event.

A Liability Waiver form is required for all children who attend. The form may be located by clicking on this link: Liability Form